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“Critics of the high-speed rail project abound as they often do when something of this magnitude is proposed. During the 1930s, the Central Valley Water Project was called a ‘fantastic dream’ that ‘will not work.’ The Master Plan for the Interstate Highway System in 1939 was derided as ‘New Deal jitterbug economics.’… Similarly, the Panama Canal was for years thought to be impractical and Benjamin Disraeli himself said of the Suez Canal: ‘totally impossible to be carried out.’ The critics were wrong then and they’re wrong now.”
California Governor Jerry Brown

This spring the California Legislature will decide whether to begin construction on the nation's first 220-mph high-speed rail line. The California Legislature must include high-speed rail construction funds in its FY2013 budget (which begins July 1, 2012) in order to take advantage of Federal high-speed rail funds awarded to the state for this project.

The California High Speed Rail Authority has released a revised business plan that clarifies how the initial construction segment in the Central Valley is the critical first step towards a statewide system and how travelers will see benefits sooner rather than later.

Under the new schedule, the cities between Sacramento, Oakland and Bakersfield will see vastly improved service in 2018 with the Northern California Unified Service plan. The new schedule then gives top priority to closing the existing gap between the Central Valley and the LA Basin. Click here to learn more about the phasing.

California High Speed Rail has become a pivotal project regarding the future of national passenger rail policy. Its success will make it easier to obtain support for other passenger rail projects across the country, ranging from local streetcars to high-speed rail projects. Its failure will be a setback for everyone.

Now it is critical that California residents who support high-speed rail, or any other passenger rail project, let their legislators know.

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