Find additional information about high-speed rail in California by checking out the resources below.

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American Public Transportation Association

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Californians for High Speed Rail

Statement of the Honorable Joseph C. Szabo Federal Railroad Administrator Before the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure United States House of Representatives
December 15, 2011

California Re-working High Speed Rail Plan
George Skelton, Capitol Journal, Appearing in the LA Times Feb. 6, 2012

A Q&A Related To Calif. High-Speed Rail Plan or pdf

Thomas J. Umberg: High-speed Rail is Ready for Prime Time or pdf
November 24, 2011, The Union

California’s economy needs high-speed rail or pdf
The San Francisco Examiner

Charles Ball: Curious Case of High-speed Rail in America

California HSR would bring $1B to the Bay Area to Electrify CalTrain
San Francisco Chronicle